About the Seminar

SWU International Seminar – Information Technology, Management, and Business (non call of paper) invites the outstanding speakers from Italy, Japan, South Korea, Cambodia, and also Indonesia in this season. The theme of the seminar is “Technology Trends That Are Shaping the Future”. It is a strong space for collaboration that are designed to be our last serious say in getting something out to the world.

Each speaker will give a talk based on the expertise of the field or interest in such a way related to the current and next technology trends. Hopefully it will help to enrich and exploring the knowledge of participants about the trends. Furthermore, it may able to build awareness around the broad array of career opportunities in technology available for nowadays and the future.

SWU is an abbreviation that is usually used to call STMIK Widya Utama, a college of informatics and computer management in Purwokerto, Central Java Province, Indonesia.

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